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Why: Electronic Biometric Wallet

  • Store all of your personal credit cards and bank cards and use one slim card to access them.
  • Upload and protect all Identification Cards Driver’s License, Government VA cards, ID Cards, Passports and more.
  • Own your own lifetime stored health records and Doctors access and 911 Emergency
  • Send money to another person with a couple finger swipes with Bio-Pay
  • Locate your lost wallet with ease of GPS tracking
  • Wi-Fi enabled and 4G
  • Access to special exclusive Biometric Wallet Merchant Mall offers and promotions
  • Convenience access to all your personal data and more
  • Multilayered Biometric Cloud Security ESN driven

The Biometric Wallet is the product you need to secure your financial, healthcare, and other sensitive information. Our innovative security wallet offers protection against new threats to your personal identification. Pushing new boundaries is excellent for innovation, but evolving technologies have left doors open for security risks.

At Security Biometrics Corp., we are proud to present the Biometric Wallet, which is available to customers nationwide through our website. It is the only product that is uniquely linked to a single, particular user. Instead of using passwords that can be stolen or cracked, this wallet can only be accessed by its owner through biometrics. The Biometric Wallet enables users to have complete protection against unauthorized use. Our security wallet is an individual’s personal wallet device with biometric protection; it is not a cellphone application.

Carrying Around This Many Items is Not Good for Transaction Safety

Does this look like the ordinary wallet overload!

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Our Biometric Security Wallet

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you do—you deserve guaranteed security against identity theft. We make it easy for you to access your personal information while keeping it secure.

The Biometric Wallet works across three separate sectors: government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare companies. Our comprehensive solution makes personal information security simple.

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